National Historic Preservation (NHP) efforts at the K-25 Site will honor the men and women who designed, built, and operated the world's first gaseous diffusion plant and the hundreds of facilities and structures that followed. For more than 70 years, the site and its people have delivered defense, energy, and environmental cleanup missions that have helped end war, fuel nations, and restore the local landscape.

Please note that the images in the following gallery are from the conceptual design and are not to be interpreted as the final design.

The Department of Energy will commemorate the site's contributions through the delineation and dedication of the K-25 Building "footprint." In the spot where the story began, visitors will explore the rich history of this Manhattan Project site, cloaked in secrecy and driven by urgency.

The History Center's exhibits and displays will feature building equipment replicas, period artifacts, and worker oral histories.

A cross-section of K-25's gaseous diffusion cascade (click HERE to learn about K-25 Building) will be recreated in an Equipment Building. The visitor will experience the size and magnitude of the site's signature facility from the Viewing Tower.

National Park Service-style wayside exhibits will provide additional information about the site, its people, and its missions.

In December 2014, the footprint of the former K-25 Building and other historic facilities in Oak Ridge became part of a larger preservation effort through the National Defense Authorization Act, authorizing establishment of a Manhattan Project National Historical Park. Current NHP activities will complement plans for the multi-site park.